Who is Dan Mitchel?   Oregon Chimney Repair & Cleaning was founded in 1979 by a man named John Branch.  Sometime after this, Joe and Kathy Spurger purchased the company.  In 1985, Dan Mitchel started to work for the company.  He rapidly learne

      TIPS FOR FIREPLACE AND CHIMNEY CARE   With Fall 2020 fast approaching, it is important to keep in mind some tips for fireplace and chimney care. Tip #1: KEEP THE AREA CLEAR Keep your furniture a minimum of 36 inches away from your fireplace to avoid

        What are Hidden Bricks? Have you ever come across a brick with the word ?HIDDEN? inside of it? ? Across the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area you can find historic buildings constructed from these iconic red bricks. They have quite an important history

            THE IMPORTANCE OF RAIN CAPS   A rain cap is a metal roof on the top of a chimney.? It is screwed on to either the top row of bricks on the chimney, or onto a flue tile inside the chimney.? Screwing it on allows for easy removal for cleaning an